VibeRevive is an online blog with a refreshing take on core matters. The blog moves with the collective vibe, blends with the trend and goes with the flow, but I add something much more- a new vibe that pulsates at the heart and spirit of each issue that’s taken up whether social or spiritual, and it gets the VibeRevive signature soul-provoking touch. The result? A delicious blend of articles and stories that I hope inspire, recharge and revive your soul!

Perfecting Pragya- finding more of my true self day by day!

With so much love for life and with so many interests, I wouldn’t know where to start with introducing myself, so let me begin with my background. I belong to a family of lawyers and prominent judges on my father’s side and my maternal granddad was an army General.  I went to an International boarding school in the lap of the Himalayas (a most wonderful experience!), and then ended up taking to my family tradition of studying law. I throughly enjoyed learning about the Constitution and the philosophy of law but never went on to practice. It wasn’t long before I moved to the United States to live with my engineer/entrepreneur/artist husband, Amit. Not long after, I took to writing and learning journalism- an enriching experience especially as a staff writer for women and business magazines in Phoenix, Arizona- where we lived before we moved to D.C.

Let me add as a side note: My love for writing and sharing experiences didn’t go away after we left Phoenix. So here I am typing away, half-listening to a favorite Celtic tune, as my toddler boy sleeps, and as I ignore the voice telling me to get to bed to avoid another 5-hour night of sleep. But hey, for the love of writing, for the love of expressing and in comparison to the voice of my spirit, maybe even sleep doesn’t stand a chance. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m also used to less sleep ever since our kiddo was born- any moms out there?). I’ll be done soon here, I promise.

Looking back and as I go forward, I think I can share the one main factor of inspiration in whatever I do. It stays constant like the sun. It never goes away even though it may be briefly clouded. That constant is my spirit and the means of connecting within through meditation. Sahaja Yoga meditation breathes new life into me every day, giving so much energy, enthusiasm and insight. Spirituality being my second nature is probably what comes through most on VibeRevive- something I hope touches the readers and revives their being too.

Whether as a blogger, meditator or mom, I know one thing for sure- if you gotta live it up, you gotta vibe it up : ) So let’s do this together on VibeRevive- one story at a time, what say?