Master's Trick
Master’s Trick

The Master’s Trick

Sergie and Ludmilla travel to the old city of Delhi to record its indigenous sounds. Their recorder picks up sounds that their ears do not hear. In the artisan quarters of the old city, they learn the Master’s trick to listen to the sound of silence. The trick comes handy when they suddenly find themselves trapped by terrorists in Mumbai’s iconic Taj Hotel. Amidst glass splintering and bullets grazing their bodies, the Master’s trick unlocks a silent flow within that calms them down. The flow passes up their spines and connects to the cosmic silence. And the cosmic silence echoes the pristine sound that turns the galaxies…

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Sergie and Ludmilla prepared enthusiastically for the Rann music festival the Holy Mother had mentioned. Sergie coursed Google Earth, and spotted a large expanse of desert stretching across the western borders of India and Pakistan. Ludmilla checked the flight schedule; there were no flights to the desert except a train from Mumbai. She checked the flights to Mumbai. They were booked. She checked the flights to Delhi; just two seats were available. Sergie nodded, “It would be a good opportunity to spend a few days in Delhi and record the indigenous sounds.