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Do you have a favorite kitchen knife? I do, and it’s elegant, slightly angular and very effective. In fact, my husband has one too. It’s massive, heavy and almost as handy as a tool. Honestly, his knife is quite scary, but it does the job. It’s great for cutting meats and, it even brings back “fond” memories for my husband.

A few days ago, inspired by our kitchen knives, we conversed while preparing to grill.

“I must have been a butcher in my last life,” said my husband enthusiastically, while chucking chunks of raw chicken into a large marination bowl.

I chopped herbs and garlic for the marinade, and our chicken was ready for the grill. While waiting for the meat to cook, I mused over the sharpness and versatility of our knives.

Kitchen knives can get so much done! They’re easy to clean and don’t occupy much counter space either. I believe I’d met someone who shared similar traits–efficient, not fussy and very versatile. Indeed, it was a former guest. She was visiting from out of town. She stayed with us for a couple of days but you wouldn’t know. We hardly felt her presence. She never demanded anything and always tried to help around. When she noticed we were out of milk, she would bring us some. When we pleaded with her to get some rest, she would say, “I’m never tired.” Her qualities were manifold. Of course now she isn’t around. She’s moved to another country. Maybe those who meet her there could imbibe some of her nobility.

While here at home in Arizona, it’s back to our kitchen and our no-fuss kitchen knives.

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  1. this is excelllent .the humility of great souls can be expressed through such example. i am impressed with your writings . can’t wait to read more.

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