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A friend and I (wearing cap) at the Monument Valley
A friend and I (wearing cap) at the Monument Valley

The very earth at Monument Valley in northern Arizona felt sacred. Silence overwhelmed my being as I watched the early rays of the February sun reach the tallest of the red sculptures.

It is certainly worthwhile to wake up early and catch the sunrise there. I wasn’t dressed for the cold morning temperatures, but the light and shade play on the monoliths made up for my discomfort. Strong winds, desert sands and icy temperatures made me wonder how the ancient natives survived in that region.

As I drove along the dusty red road, I couldn’t help admire the mighty hand behind the magnificence of the Monument Valley. I meditated with the nature for a short while before heading back on a six-hour drive to Phoenix.

I stayed at the Hampton Inn (about $70 a night) although you can stay at the View hotel overlooking the Monument Valley (winter rates are around $95 a night; summer rates double).

This youtube video gives a glimpse into the beauty of the Valley.

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