Eco-Friendly Earthlings

With all the news about Walmart introducing green labeling for its products, it made me wonder how much many of us are willing to pay for greener products.
Perhaps, earth-friendly products are not always cost effective for a business, and perhaps they don’t have that fine robotic perfection, but they’re certainly worth the investment. This is because a healthier environment means a healthier you.

Promoting and using handmade products is very planet-friendly. The more we take to handicrafts, the less we will need machines and factories that pollute. At least items for personal or home use such as as wall art, decor, clothing and so on should be natural and if possible handmade.

Additionally, it nearly always feels good to own a few handcrafted pieces rather than hundreds of machine-made or polluting plastics that form clutter. The less clutter and junk we create, the better it is for Mother Earth.

So, if a product is greener, its better to shell out a few extra bucks for it rather than paying with your life for a polluted planet.

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