Summer is here; Stay Cool

For many people, surviving summer in Phoenix means finding a good place to cool-off. Glossy magazines direct readers where to go, and  valley Gelato’s, Cold Stone’s and Jamba Juice’s are abuzz with activity.
With so many treats to distract us from the heat, we may not notice the effect of the sun on our inner being. The tendencies of our inner being could be divided into three parts: the right, the left and the center. Ideally, being in the center means being in balance. Imbalance develops when we move away from the center and toward our right or left parts.

What does this have to with summertime? Well, too much heat of the sun not only affects us externally, but also internally on our right part.

The right part of our subtle self is also known as the sun side. An imbalance or right-side tendency generally means one of these: over-planning, over-thinking, weak liver, aggression or anger. When we are exposed to the sun for too long then our right side may get over-activated.
To bring ourselves back to the center, it is important to keep the right side cool. One of the ways to do this, besides taking to meditative techniques, is to avoid being in the sun for too long, to try a footsoak and to keep one’s liver cool (take to lean meats, green vegies, juices, cooling yogurt drinks and so on).

The liver is a vital organ of the body, and it generates the energy needed for brain activity. When it is over-worked perhaps by too much brain activity, it can’t perform its other functions too well such as removing toxins from the body. Thus, too much right side or sun activity within the body whether physically or mentally can be harmful to us. If you get irritated, react or get angry too easily, or can’t stop thinking even when you want to, it is probably an imbalance in the right side and taking to a soothing and calming lifestyle would help.

For me, the easiest way to cool off is meditation and then a trip to nearby green cities like Prescott and Flagstaff. Ice-cream is great too, BUT it isn’t that great on the liver ;  ) although that chocolate coated raspberry gelato I had the other day was so good! Anyway…

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