Brake it or Face it!

Ever witnessed a moving vehicle that just doesn’t stop? It’s like that bus from the movie “Speed,” which would explode if the driver ever took her foot off of the pedal! In fact, even in a perfect situation, accelerating without balancing the speed with brakes just means danger. Yeah, that can happen if you’re super pumped and not just in a car. We’re talking business. We’re talking corporate. We’re talking what employers and managers are expecting and rewarding their employees for these days- being super pumped and fierce. Those terms are floating about in the corporate world and pretty much practiced in a lot of large companies. Sounds exciting to be excited right, to be all pumped and then be rewarded? Sure, but something’s missing and most people feel it even though they can’t spot it.

Maybe a science fiction movie could help us realize, you know, one where you see a giant dominating machine or robotic animal wreaking havoc and crushing what comes its way. Imagine working under a machine, a non-living entity that only cares that it must be fed more and more to grow bigger. In the non-fiction world, many corporations become these non-living, non-feeling entities that just want to ‘live’ forever no matter how many men or women come and go, profit or perish. The name of the corporate game is, “Please me at any cost.” And the human game says, “Sure if it means more money for me.” Unfortunately in all this money game, the most vital living force of the human spirit is pretty much left out or crushed. It cries out in the wilderness of non-entities, wondering if anyone knows what is takes to please a genuine being. It turns away, neglected and desolate, leaving the heart empty and unable to feel joy. That works just fine for companies, because in the corporate world its not about what pleases one’s spirit at all, but it’s about what pleases one’s ambition. So there you have it- acceleration, determination and push-to-the-limit attitude all wrapped up in the garb of excitement and enthusiasm- that’s what they call being super-pumped. Is it worth it? Yes, if you’re only goal is to be a millionaire, but when has that ever guaranteed joy or even health? If joy is the goal, then, as Rudyard Kipling says, “Yours is the Earth, and everything that’s in it.” Now that’s some power. Super-pumped!



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  1. You’ve uncovered the cold heart of corporate culture. The stifled heart that yearns to be heard beats with the awareness of a self renewing environment nurturing the spontaneous, creative potential of each individual. Your spot on in your prognosis!

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