Freedom of Mind

For centuries, the people of the United States have celebrated and cherished their freedom. Fourth of July brings back memories of the nation’s forefathers and the heroic stories of its freedom fighters. If it weren’t for its independence, the country would not have progressed as a nation. With heartfelt gratitude to those who came before them, American’s will celebrate this important day.
Perhaps, after attaining national independence, it is now time for this nation to start a new kind of freedom struggle, one that isn’t an outward war but an effort to free the mind and unload its burden.

A mind full of uncontrolled thoughts and stress is much like a prisoner who can’t escape although he lives in a free world. In such a case, cleansing the mind and bringing freedom to one’s spirit with a touch of meditative silence is vital. True inner freedom is a state where one is peaceful no matter what. No one can chain, control or hurt such a person.
In fact, the quality of the inner spirit, mentioned in ancient scriptures from all around the world, has been compared to gold as it is nontarnishable, and thus remains pure and ever shining.

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