From Mind to Matter

As we enter into the age of 3D printers, imagine the possibilities of bringing imagination into reality! The world’s first color multi-material 3D printer can’t be too far from reaching our homes, and Stratasys, the makers of the printer seem to agree on the amazing capabilities of the human mind.

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves,” says Stratasys, quoting Edison.

The human mind is capable of generating a tremendous amount of matter- whether through mechanical mediums like printers and machines, software programs or through chemical reactions within the body. While the human mind can really be a source of beautiful creations, most of us are unaware of matter being created within us without our knowledge. We are unaware that the reaction of our mind actually creates subtle matter within ourselves. 

Mind is matter. The ancient scriptures bring this out in a subtle way. They call matter “Jada,” which is a remnant of the thought processes of the mind. These thought processes and reactions ultimately fossilize into anger, jealousy, greed and many more emotional forms. They create a sort of heaviness in the subtle body- this too is matter. This matter if left to sit too long, can start to interrupt the smooth working of the human body, thus leading to disease.

So, as we build the latest and greatest in technology, it may also be time to put some engineering into the working of our inner matter, its multi-color forms and dimensions and how it may be possible to go beyond all mind matter.

For this, it’s necessary to not let our daily reactions fossilize and remain inside us for too long or it can have a negative impact. For example, if someone offends us, we may build such a strong reaction against such a person, that our attitude toward him or her can go beyond normal civil behavior. And the smallest incident can remain within us for years, building negative reactions to such an extent that it becomes impossible to overcome or talk to the person ever again! Anger is probably the easiest of the matters that we can understand today, but there is other matter too- created because of reactions such as our greed, jealousy, lust and more, which may be even more difficult to comprehend. It would instead be better to start each day anew and not let the negative impacts of our daily likes and dislikes carry forward. This way we let none of our reactions solidify and become so heavy that we are unable to carry their weight in the days ahead.

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Thus, we could begin each day afresh. Imagine being greeted each morning with the same softness of the early morning mist that gently sits on a hill top or meadow and then fades away, leaving a clear picture of the day. Such is the nature of the mind. It is for us to keep it clear of the fog, and enjoy the beauty of each day.

We’ve certainly seen the stunning possibilities of our mind in material creations, now shall we experience the bliss of going beyond the mind?


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