The Taliban Trance

Taliban conditioning
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Priests, pundits, experts and fundamentalists may all know something about the mind. In religion we are trained from childhood to think a certain way and believe that our religion is the best. These days fundamentalists like the Taliban are at the top when it comes to conditioning people to think a certain way.
In this video we get a glimpse of Taliban mind conditioning or brain-washing.

Conditioning/brain-washing comes from past training. In meditation we learn that many things that comes from the past are heavy on the left channel and problematic. They disconnect us from our inner self.

You may imagine that there are three channels of energy within ourselves known as the left (past), right(future) and center (present). Anything that takes us away from the center channel leads us out of balance.
Meditators learn to live in the present, without reaction, ego or conditioning.
Unfortunately, terrorists live too much in their conditioning or left channel and then swing to the planning right channel without ever stopping in the present or center to introspect within.
The video is an example of extreme conditioning built-up in the left channel. It is also a reminder for us to introspect on how we may be conditioned to believing that we belong to a religion or country just because we were born in it and raised that way.
Let’s just stop for a moment and “de-brand” ourselves. Try answering “no” to the following questions:
Am I Christian, Muslim, Jew or Hindu? No
Am I American etc.? No
Am I a liberal, conservative, neither? No
Am I a teacher, accountant, entrepreneur etc.? No
Keep going. The answer will simplify perhaps like this:
“I am just a human being.” You may even go one step further and say “I am not the body, conditionings, mind or ego, but I am the pure spirit.”
The inner spirit is the one that inspires, comforts and gives joy. It’s what we really are. So really there should be no question of fighting and so on. Just meditate and feel the spirit within.

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