Let it Be

Nursery rhymes have taken over this house thanks to our toddler, and some of them even have me thinking about the depth of their meanings. While this post is not exactly about rhyme analysis, but one particular one does ring a bell- “Little Bo-peep.

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  1. So beautifully worded Pragya. We have all killed a plant or 2, not knowing what they need from us… And done the same with our relationships and friendships… The Best way is to let them be and work things out, hoping that they all come back to us.

    PS – I am going to read all nursery rhyms again and see what life lessons I have missed all these years 😀

  2. Pragya,
    It takes a rare talent to entice the reader with a title, capture him/her in the first paragraph, entwine something with which all are familiar ( in this case a nursery rhyme ) with a spiritual principle and lead the reader back to the title. This flowed so easily and we all can relate to the wisdom which lies within.

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