No Year Resolution

Surely it is hard to come across people who have kept up each of their New Year resolutions. Kudos to those few who have!

On the whole, a New Year resolution is something to contemplate about. It is a bit like meditation–we focus our attention on improving ourselves. We tell ourselves to cut back on sweets or maintain a healthy lifestyle and so on. This urge to improve oneself is not foreign to meditators, but the main difference is that in making resolutions we use our mind while in meditation we don’t.

With the mind, we make sweeping declarations that satisfy our egos for the time being. Eventually we find our efforts fizzle out and we are back to square one. We may feel a little saddened about our lack of accomplishments. So, if meditation is about helping ourselves but it goes beyond the mind, there is no question of feeling saddened or overly elated. We simply need to enrich our meditative experience and the rest takes care of itself. As we balance out, so does our lifestyle and personality.

Unless you’re planning on a weight loss or garage cleaning schedule, toss out those resolutions and start bringing some real balance within.

Happy New Year!

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  1. a wonderful post as ever!

    Great point about resolutions 🙂 I was trying to come up with one, but failed.

    I mean I just ahve no plans. Or at least no the one-year plans. Only some long term visions 🙂

  2. I do want bring some balance within. This is my goal for 2010. It is very hard to do though. I feel like is just a long process to balance ourselves.

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone.
    Mala, please visit to get an idea of how to stay balanced in an easy and effective way.

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