Reporters, Step Back

It’s national book week in Israel, and Israel’s oldest newspaper brings in a touch of heart by hiring famous literary figures.
Creative writers have a way of bringing out the humor in society and above all touching the spirit in us. It would be a fun idea to leave a part of reporting to poets and literary figures who have no experience with reporting. That would balance the news, considering how depressing news can get with reports on crime and the plunging stock market.

Here is a “report” taken from the New Yorker website. You can check out some more here.

Avri Herling, a cookbook and children’s-book author, wrote the business update:

Everything’s okay. Everything’s like usual. Yesterday trading ended. Everything’s okay. The economists went to their homes, the laundry is drying on the lines, dinners are waiting in place… Dow Jones traded steadily and closed with 8,761 points, Nasdaq added 0.9% to a level of 1,860 points…. The guy from the shakshuka [an Israeli egg-and-tomato dish] shop raised his prices again….”

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  1. I love it. You can read the news with a smile on your face, and the rest of the day would be lovely. No more ulcers from reading the morning paper. I think that’s a great idea. I wonder what it would sound like on the nightly news?

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