Buried Treasure

IMG_2578The men who dug into the earth had heard about the legend of the buried treasure. For ages, treasure seekers had been misguided, returning home with hollow expressions. A few who found the place were unable to dig through the mysterious layers of ice and earth that enveloped the chest of treasure.
But these group of men were well equipped. On their search, they had met a master who told them the secrets of uncovering the layers. They also learnt about the nature of the buried treasure, which was unlike anything the earth had ever seen. Even a glimpse could give a man the key to eternal joy.

The men worked at the hard layers for days. They had learnt that it would respond to their inner state of being. So they used cool water to wash away the heat of their anger and thoughts. The layers of earth began to soften too, and they found it easier to dig. Next, their shovels hit a layer of ice. They knew the warmth of fire would melt the hardness away, so they lit a large bonfire. Soon it began to warm their cold hearts and brought forth a love so pure that it nourished their exhausted bodies. The ice melted. Soft golden rays danced into the dark atmosphere. The men had finally reached the treasure, but the golden light came from some other source. They glanced about and noticed that each of their hearts contained a golden chest, which was now open and emitting beautiful waves of joy.

They realized that the hidden treasure had been with them all along in their hearts. Beneath the hardness of their impenetrable mind one one side and frozen emotions on the other, the chest had lain buried. The master had equipped them with elements like water and fire to balance their inner self and meditative silence to reach their spirits. They now knew neither happiness or unhappiness, only eternal joy.

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  1. I feel saying anything in response to this would not bring forth the true essence of this article. Marvelous!

  2. Love this, keep coming across books on this subject, Paulo Coelho “The Alchemist” is beautiful and Russell Conwells “Acres of Diamonds” whilst coming from a slightly different angle covers off the same point, all you could ever wish to be and dream for is within you already. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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