Unfinished Business


It’s been a while since my last post. Things got pretty busy, and I didn’t have much time for the finer moments of life. Recently, I heard a tale about a lady who went seeking for some good old eastern wisdom. The energy of her twenties took her on adventurous trips in many eastern countries. On one particular trip, she met a man who revealed to her all that she wanted to hear about wisdom and the secrets of leading a good life. She was excited but didn’t have the patience to learn. So she kept traveling in search of an inner connection but never stayed long enough to experience true wisdom.

Soon, she went home to the West, married and had children. Thirty years passed. She was now divorced, old and a little frail. She thought often of her travels to the east. One day, she decided to take a few months off and find her wise teacher. Her journey led her through the winding roads of the  lower Himalayan terrain. She reached a village she faintly recognized. After asking around, she finally found the hut of a master. She was ready to learn and apply the wisdom she had only heard about thirty years before. Unlike the fresh energy of her youth, she was now burdened with heavy emotions and unhappiness. Her desire was strong, but the time she had spent living her banal life had taken its toll. She had neglected her inner voice for too long. She now yearned for wisdom. She knew she was on the brink of achieving it last time but she was lured away by youth. It wasn’t going to be easy this time around. But she had to attain what was left unfinished. It could not wait any longer, and she wasn’t going to push it off till tomorrow. Bliss had to be now.

She entered through a small door and slowly peered inside. Her voice quavered with desperation, ” I am ready.”

Her master smiled, “What took you so long?”

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