The Human Touch

The old woman smiles gently as her rough hands attempt to wrap fine wool around a large spindle. She struggles to cover her head often as a bitter wind sweeps her frayed shawl off, yet she looks peaceful as she continues to weave intricate patterns on a colorful fabric outside her hut.

Not too many years ago, Indian writer and designer, Laila Tyabji, interviewed this simple village woman who made a living weaving. She was wearing a worn hand-loom wrapping not nearly warm enough for a Delhi winter. Laila asked her why she would not buy any of the warmer inexpensive synthetics available in the market to keep warm.

The 80-year-old woman replied, “I’ve spun this (fabric) out of my own hands; my mother and sisters have woven it. The warmth of so many fingers has gone into this. How can a machine make anything warmer?”

Indeed, how can a machine or a computer replicate the love and personal touch that goes into a hand made. Whether it is fine art or clothing, hand made pieces satisfy the soul.

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