Meditation helps with ADHD

Jovan Herrera, a Phoenix 10th-grader with ADHD, used to sit in class trying to focus on his exam questions but could not.

His worried mother, Vanessa Herrera says, “He had to take seven to eight breaks during his exams because he would get frustrated.”
Taking breaks meant leaving the class, which led to less time in finishing his exam paper.

After only a month of Sahaja meditation, Herrera says she notices the changes in her son’s study patterns, “Now he only takes two or three breaks during his exam,” she says compared to the seven or eight breaks he would take earlier.

The common factor in Jovan’s case and other ADHD cases is the use of meditation rather than medication to overcome the condition.
Research done in Australia on Sahaja meditators showed that meditation improves focus and attention as seen in the following news video.

2 Comments on “Meditation helps with ADHD

  1. I know some parents who have also found that studying Karate works well for their children with ADHD. It helps the children develop an ability to focus and an awareness of their body in space. Yoga and T’ai Chi would have a similar effect, I suspect.

  2. Thanks for your comment. One of the good things about the Sahaja meditation technique is that its offered free of charge as it’s a non-profit.
    I also attend meditation at our local center in Phoenix, and it was great to meet the Herrera family because they were doing so well. There was even a little boy in fourth grade who didn’t have ADHD but said his grade improved within a month of meditation.

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