Music and Meditation

From the shimmering courts of kings and queens to the simple rooms of meditators, music has played a large role in soothing people. Combine music with meditation and you have a double expresso with whipped cream!
What that means is if you have a hard time meditating or calming your mind, music should be able to help. Soothing music calms that edginess of a frustrating day and makes getting into a meditative state easier. So here is an ancient melody also known as a “raga,” which dates back thousands of years to a time when sages would meditate in the Himalayan forests and gain Divine knowledge.
According to the “Music and Sahaja Yoga” book by Dr. Arun Apte, the spiritual discourses of ancient sages would be remembered by an arrangement inspired by the sounds of nature and the seven sacred notes. This was later called a “raga” which is a combination of notes that have a pleasant effect on the human mind.


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