Brake it or Face it!

Ever witnessed a moving vehicle that just doesn’t stop? It’s like that bus from the movie “Speed,” which would explode if the driver ever took her foot off of the pedal! In fact, even in a perfect situation, accelerating without balancing the speed with brakes just means danger. Yeah, that can happen if you’re super pumped and not just in a car. We’re talking business. We’re talking corporate. We’re talking what employers and managers are expecting and rewarding their employees for these days- being super pumped and fierce. Those terms are floating about in the corporate world and pretty much practiced in a lot of large companies. Sounds exciting to be excited right, to be all pumped and then be rewarded? Sure, but something’s missing and most people feel it even though they can’t spot it. Read More




Freedom of Mind

For centuries, the people of the United States have celebrated and cherished their freedom. Fourth of July brings back memories of the nation’s forefathers and the heroic stories of its freedom fighters. If it weren’t for its independence, the country would not have progressed as a nation. With heartfelt gratitude to those who came before them, American’s will celebrate this important day.
Perhaps, after attaining national independence, it is now time for this nation to start a new kind of freedom struggle, one that isn’t an outward war but an effort to free the mind and unload its burden. Read More




No Problems

 I grew up with plenty of adventure. Oftentimes I’d go hiking with my friends in thick forests, sometimes following a winding path to a river and at other times running downhill in search of blackberry bushes. Blackberry season was a favorite time of year. The berries were out of the world! We didn’t seem to mind the harsh thorns on those bushes. We’d bear all the pricks and scratches just to get to those delicious berries.

Years later, I moved to Phoenix, but I couldn’t stop dreaming about those berries. Then I met a proud old rancher. He looked more like a cowboy to me. I watched him work hard at his ranch- waking at the break of dawn, cleaning stables, welding fences, exercising his horses and so on. He too seemed to bear all the workload just to see the fruits of his love—happy horses. I must admit my lack of passion for horses even though, back in the day, my mother had won many championships. But I do admire the old cowboy, for he looks past his daily problems and simply enjoys his passion.

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No Problems

Sunday, June 7, 2015

 I grew up with plenty of adventure. Oftentimes I’d go hiking with my friends in thick forests, sometimes following a winding path to a river and at other…

The “Cereal Syndrome”

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One of my favorite cereals is the classic Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds, but you’ll still find me standing in front of a barricade of cereals at…

From Mind to Matter

Saturday, March 28, 2015

As we enter into the age of 3D printers, imagine the possibilities of bringing imagination into reality! The world’s first color multi-material 3D printer can’t be too far…

A Seashore Story

Friday, February 6, 2015

Her feet had set tiny patterns into the wet sand, which were soon washed away by the inevitable rhythm of the waves. She made her way to the…

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